My eldest daughter’s {Jessica} 25!

We celebrated our eldest daughter, Jessica’s 25th birthday a week ago (time flies).  She’s very much a country girl, loves all animals but especially sheep and pigs, so I knew I wanted to make her a card with a pig on it.  Then started the search on the internet for the suitable piggy.  I just fell in love with Doodle Pantry’s “Mud Piggy” and had to buy the digital stamp… You’ll see why below by the card I made for her.

Jessica's 25th card group

isn’t he adorable!!!  Needless to say, she agreed!

The card was made digitally (how I usually make all my cards nowadays) using MSPublisher.

Materials used:

  • 300gsm white card
  • Digital paper patterns from my stash (floral, stripes, gingham)
  • “Mud Piggy” digital stamp from Doodle Pantry
  • Digital stamp from my stash “Happy Birthday” (tag on front of card)
  • I created my own digital stamp greeting “Have a pig-in-mud birthday” for inside the insert
  • Used my Pazzles Inspiration to cut the circles and scalloped circle
  • String

1.  I printed 3 of the piggies and cut them to make him appear 3-D when layered (I call this tole work, others call it decoupage), using 3-D foam squares.

2.  I printed the floral pattern and stripe pattern onto half of the white A4 300gsm card.

3.  Cut a circle from brown card in my stash and a scalloped circle (using a yellow gingham digital patterned paper) on my Pazzles Inspiration Digital Die Cutting Machine

4.  Cut a bracket border from a patterned stripey digital paper on the Pazzles

5.  Assembled the card

6.  To cover the bare string on the back of the front of the card, I printed the same stripe as the front onto 160gsm and adhered it with double sided sticky tape

I always like to make the insert a little special too and so I printed the digital image of “Mud Piggy” on the front….

And there you are, one completed Mud Piggy card and one delighted daughter!


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