Hi,  A very warm welcome to my blog!  Initially, I’ll be sharing with you cards and albums I’ve made for my family.  I make my cards in a “hybrid” fashion… using both kits I’ve bought in shops together with digital products (although I’m more and more favouring the digital side!).

There are many freebie digital products on-line given by very generous digital designers and all you need to create wonderful things with these is publishing / photo-editing software.  I started using MS Publisher and have progressed to Photoshop Elements 8 and Photoshop CS4.  Check out www.craftcrave.com and http://scrapbook.creativebusybee.com/  for freebies.  If I can create with digital products, so can anyone!

I hope to give instructions here on my blog too eventually – please contact me if you’d like to know how I’ve achieved something you’d like to achieve.  I’m learning constantly and would love to design my own digital kits one day.

I like to think I have always been creative – hard not to be when your mother is an accomplished needlewoman (both machine stitching and cross stitching).  When I’m creating, I’m in my element!  I not only make cards and other paper goodies, I also lead mirrors, glass paint and would love to try sculpture.  I also used to decorate cakes and loved moulding sugar paste into beautiful delicate flowers – wasn’t happy unless they looked real!

Just over 4 years ago, I had to give up work due to illness and with the help and support from my lovely husband and 2 daughters, I’m now able to do things I used to do, but in a different way.  Life is a challenge you just have to take!  Some of my photographs on this blog may appear to be out of focus.  In fact, I have a tremor – annoying, but it’s part of me now.

Thank you for stopping by!  Come back soon!

23 March 2013


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